Will hiring a DUI attorney really make a difference?


Lawrence Taylor describes how a person arrested for a DUI can benefit by hiring an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. Most DUI cases result in some type of plea bargain offered to the arrestee by the district attorney (DA). In determining what type of plea bargain to offer, the DA not only looks at the evidence, but also takes into consideration the reputation, skills, and support staff of the defense attorney. A defense attorney can also appear at the DMV license suspension hearing. If a lay person goes into this hearing without an attorney, it is a near absolute certainty that they will lose. The hearing officer, who is a DMV employee, acts as the judge and prosecutor. This person has no law degree or a college degree, so it is easy to see how valuable it would be to have an attorney appear at this hearing, in place of just the arrestee.

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A competent, skilled and, hopefully, specialized DUI attorney can accomplish a lot. The DA, as he is assessing this case is going to decide what, if any, kind of plea bargain offer he is going to offer and most DUI cases end up with some type of a plea bargain. There are a number of factors that go into the DA’s assessment of this case and what kind of a plea bargain he is going to offer. First is the evidence, his evidence as well as the evidence produced by the defense attorney. Secondly the defense attorney himself, his reputation, his skills in the courtroom, his support staff of, possibly, law enforcement, former law enforcement officers and forensic toxicologist experts on the breath and blood machine. These are factors. The other thing the defense attorney can do for you is appear and defend you at the DMV license suspension hearing. I can assure you that if you go alone you are going to lose. The hearing officer, the judge, is a DMV employee. He does not have a law degree, he does not even have a college degree. He’s not only the judge, he’s also the prosecutor so you can see what your chances are of him losing and you winning without a good attorney.

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