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Lawrence Taylor(retired) introduces his law firm and outlines the procedures that his firm takes with each and every DUI case. Mr. Taylor’s firm first focuses on preserving a DUI defendant’s right to drive by demanding a DMV hearing and requesting an extension of the temporary license that is issued to a person charged with DUI. Mr. Taylor’s firm can appear at the court proceedings without the DUI defendant’s presence and his firm can arrange for this accordingly. A DUI defendant’s case will largely depend on the weaknesses brought to the attention of the prosecution by the DUI defense attorney and the reputation of the DUI defense attorney. Mr. Taylor’s firm is recognized on a national scale and is led by attorneys that have a minimum of twelve years of experience in criminal law, along with a unique support team consisting of a forensic toxicologist, former police officers and a former DMV hearing officer.

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Welcome to our law firm’s website, my name is Lawrence Taylor. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, I understand that right now you are feeling frightened, alone, and maybe even helpless. Let me tell you how we can help.

First let’s take immediate steps to save your driver’s license. That license was confiscated by a police officer and you were given a notice of suspension and your thirty-day temporary driver’s license. We’ll contact the DMV office and demand a hearing and an extension on that license until we get that hearing and a result from that hearing. If we win the hearing your license will be returned to you and you will have lost no time driving.

Second we’ll appear for you at the first court appearance called an arraignment. We’ll enter a plea of not guilty and set the case for the first of a series of pre-trial court hearings. Now we understand that having to appear in court can be an embarrassing and even frightening experience and we can arrange to appear for you without your presence.

During this time we will get copies of the police report and the DMV report, as well as calibration and maintenance logs for the breath machine, usage logs for the breath machine, any videotapes, dispatch logs and if a blood test was taken, we will get a sample of that blood from the crime lab and have it analyzed by our own independent laboratory for both alcohol and preservative.

It is important to understand that how your case is finally resolved will depend upon how the prosecutor views the weaknesses of his case that we have exposed, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of your case and that will depend heavily upon how that prosecutor views your attorney.

Our firm has a national reputation, one well known to prosecutors. Our attorneys average twelve years of experience in either criminal defense or criminal prosecution and we practice nothing but DUI defense. Our attorneys are backed by a unique technical support staff consisting of a forensic toxicologist, two experienced police officers and a former DMV hearing officer. Whether you decide to retain our firm to defend you or not, I invite you to look through our website for important information about your case. And remember, you are not alone.

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